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Real news

is in crisis.

Canadians need — and want — real news to make educated decisions about their governments and to keep the powerful accountable. Without it, we’ll be in the dark about our communities and our country. Without it, democracy itself is at risk.

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But as more Canadians get their news online and on social media, foreign giants are getting most of the advertising money that news outlets rely on to pay for quality journalism. Hundreds of news outlets have shut down or reduced service, and digital news startups are too small to fill the gap.

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As a result, we’re getting more clickbait, fake news and recycled stories than original journalism that informs us — just when we need it most. And many Canadians don’t realize there’s even a problem.

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The Public Policy Forum has some bold suggestions for how independent, trustworthy news can survive in the digital age. Join this critical conversation about the future of our democracy.


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